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The conference brings together the FCRM industry, government and local authorities with the communities and businesses affected by flooding and coastal erosion. Led by the Environment Agency, the conference is designed to appeal to local authorities (flood managers, urban and country planners, emergency planners, LLFAs, IDBs), managers of infrastructure assets (eg transport, energy, water, highways, communications), consultants and contractors, architects, scientists, first responders and incident management professionals.

Seminar Live! sessions are free to everyone attending Flood & Coast 2017

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Tuesday 28 March:
Leadership and strategy

Registration and tea/coffee in the exhibition hall

Chair: Clare Dinnis, Environment Agency Emma Howard Boyd - Chair, Environment Agency Jason Gooding - Chief Executive, Carlisle City Council Minette Batters, Deputy President, NFU Peter Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Anglian Water

Morning sessions
Powerful projects in partnership I Future flood forecasting: systems, measures and approaches Managing the risks to UK's critical national infrastructure Innovation and sustainability: reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency. Community flood groups in their own words - managing local flood risk
Holistic water management project - Jane Burch, Suffolk County Council Future direction of flood forecasting - Liz Anspoks, Environment Agency Panel: of major infrastructure asset holders facilitated by John Dora, Consultant Reducing our environmental footprint – why it matters. Steve Moore, Environment Agency & Fiona Moore, Land & Water Services Chair: Anne Wheeler, Chair of Severn & Wye Regional Flood & Coastal Committee - panel debate with local action groups
How do you ensure the largest detailed model of its type ever commissioned by the Environment Agency (possibly in the world) is build robustly? - Simon Lewis, Environment Agency The Future Flood Forecasting System (FFFS) for England - a step change to embed a response driven and forecast led approach to flood incidents - Stefan Laeger, Environment Agency HS2 Approach to flood risk and resilience - Will McBain, Arup The carbon story: exchanging learning with industry partners. Sally Sudworth, Environment Agency & David Riley, Anglian Water
Rea catchment partnership - delivery through adaptability - Michael Adams, Environment Agency A flood forecasting and warning service performance measure - Tim Harrison, Environment Agency Creating water sensitive airports in times of climate change - Nanco Dolman, Royal Haskoning DHV Co-working on cracking the e:Mission challenge Katie Born, CH2M & Richard Barnes Jackson Construction
Playing to partner's strengths to achieve success on a major project - Colette Walmsley, Environment Agency NaFRA2: developing a single scalable flood risk assessment for England - Hayley Bowman, Environment Agency A national policy statement for flood defences: A route-map to ensure critical projects can be consented and delivered Gordon McCreath, Pinsent Mason The data story – the data revolution. Jim Barlow & Andrew Mandle, Environment Agency
Flood defences for rural communities - Rachel Bird, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Visualising flood risk: a view from the street - David Ramsbottom, HR Wallingford Carbon cost and efficiency – let’s make the connection. Kat Ibbotson & Ian Corder, Environment Agency
A Sendai perspective on flood warning - Brian Golding, Met Office
Afternoon sessions
Powerful projects in partnership II Modelling local flood risk Is your infrastructure your most important asset? What strategies can be used to protect it against flood? Supply chain briefing: government sector In Conversation with...
The Isle of Axholme: working in partnership to make the strategy a reality - Fay Bull, AECOM High intensity! Future flood risk in urban and rapid response catchments - Murray Dale, CH2M A dredging strategy for flood management on the River Parrett and River Tone in Somerset - David Ramsbottom, HR Wallingford Programme to be announced
Partnerships - changing mindsets and doing the right thing - Eilis Furlong, Northumbrian Water Utilising a collaborative modelling tool to increase awareness on critical infrastructure inter-dependencies - Micheline Hounjet, Deltares Delivering sustainable and cost effective channel management - Richard Sharp, Environment Agency
Partnership working in Avonmouth and Severnside: Tackling big challenges to achieve big benefits - Luke Lovell, CH2M Floods maps for surface water and beyond: understand limitations and improving decision making - Rachel Jensen, BMT WBM Dams in the society: good or bad? - Andy Hughes, Atkins Ltd
What can we learn from flood management of the River Axe? - an award winning project - Sun Yan Evans, Mott MacDonald An assessment of the probability of extreme flood flows from a national perspective - Rob Lamb JBA Are we safe from reservoir flooding? - Duncan Faulkner, JBA Consulting
Integrated delivery of the Wales coastal flooding review – challenges and successes. Louise Pennington, Natural Resources Wales “Implementing a Groundwater Flood Forecasting Service for the Flood Forecasting Centre” Paul Ellis GeoSmart Information Hinksey flood alleviation scheme: increasing the resilience of the UK rail network - Mark Davin, AECOM
“Development of an operational, risk-based approach to surface water flood forecasting” Graeme Boyce, Met Office Port of Immingham sea defence improvements - Ryan Rooprai, AECOM
Funding for flood alleviation Developments in coastal flood forecasting Managing the risks to rail and road bridges from scour Valuing our data. How do we best utilise and share it? Innovation session (TBC)
Packaging, integrated teams and co-location - does it really help? - Tim Ellingham, Royal Haskoning DHV Are we over-designing or under-designing coastal defence: interaction between coastline and wave angle - Keming Hu, Royal Haskoning DHV Don't forget scour - managing erosion more naturally - Hamish Hall, WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff Big data driving forward coastal management - Al Rumson, Cranfield University
Innovative financing for flood and coastal resilience: "Great project, but how do we pay for it?" - Paul Mackie, Coastal Partnership East, Seconded from University of Cambridge Paull Tidal defence optimisation using 2d and 3d physical modelling - Tim Pullen, HR Wallingford Flooding and bridge scour protection - Martin Hawkswood, Proserve Ltd Evolving DTMs as improved data intelligence for enhanced flood risk modelling and resilience - Conor Smyth, IMGeospatial/Intelligent Modelling Ltd
Holistic partnership approaches to project delivery, funding and local levy allocation in Cambridgeshire - Julia Beeden, Cambridgeshire County Council Practical guidance on the calculation of beach trigger levels and the implications for beach management - Andrew Stevens, Canterbury City Council The application of 3D sonar scanning for management of critical underwater assets - Tom Card, LandScope Engineering Ltd The first update of the National Coastal Erosion Risk Map - Alan Frampton, CH2M
10 Years since 2007 - Local flood risk management in West Berkshire – Lindsey Ions, Ardent Consulting Engineers Standards for modelling of flooding in open coasts and large estuaries - Hakeem Johnson, CH2M Bridge scour management system (BRIDGE-SMS) to assess flood hazards at civil infrastructure assets - Panagiotis Michalis, University of Zagreb The challenge of data quality, calibration uncertainty and freeboard - Two Scottish examples - Tim Jolley, Mouchel
Valuing coastal monitoring data - Stewart Rowe, Scarborough Council

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Wednesday 29 March:
Enabling growth

Registration and tea/coffee in the exhibition hall

Tony Meggs, CEO Infrastructure and Projects Authority Richard Blyth, Royal Town Planning Institute, Head of Policy and Research

Morning sessions
New and different approaches to partnership working I Planning for flood risk The future of sustainable drainage Our cities are the powerhouses of UK economic growth - are we doing enough to make them resilient to flood risk? Community flood risk planning - what can we offer people at risk and how can they get involved?
A more inclusive way of planning for flood risk - Cumbria after Storm Desmond - Amy Heys, Environment Agency Embedding long term flood resilience in local planning policy - Hugh Ellis, Town & Country Planning Assocn Scene setter Scene setter - Delivering water-resilient and water-adaptive cities - Fola Ogunyoye, Royal Haskoning DHV Programme to be announced
Forging the new relationships in coastal management - Bill Parker, Coastal Partnership East Shared District and County Council approaches to planning policy for and implementation of flood water management - Hilary Ellis, Cambridgeshire County Council 4 years of public sector co-operative working, challenges, successes and the future - Tom Lester, Environment Agency Sheffield flood protection programme engagement strategy - Will McBain, Arup
Partnership working in Scotland - Elliot Robertson, Scottish Envrionmental Protection Agency Warrington flood alleviation scheme - innovations in approach - Mark Shepard, Jacobs Working together on the coast - delivering an integrated approach to coastal management - Karen Thomas, East Suffolk Leeds flood alleviation scheme - a model for the future - Michael Coulson, BAM Nuttall Mott MacDonald
Reducing flood risk in York - what do our customers want? - Matthew Hodkin, Environment Agency Planning for flood resilience - case studies in collaborative working - Aaron Wadhams, Berkeley Homes SuDs design for catchment flood protection - are current criteria appropriate? - Richard Kellagher, HR Wallingford Delivering a strategy to manage tidal flood risk to Bristol to maximise resilience and minimise impact on future prosperity - Robin Campbell, Arup
Broomhill Sands kitesurfing safety initiative – lessons learned from working in a marine environment – Jacqui Bandy, Mackley Does retrofitting stormwater green infrastructure support urban regneration for communities? - Paul Hargreaves, CH2M York Flood Management Plan - Christian Lomax, AECOM
North Glasgow integrated water management system: using a scheduled ancient monument and modern technology to unlock regeneration - Peter Robinson, AECOM
Afternoon sessions
Delivering FCRM schemes together – some of the best partnership projects Strategic planning on the coast Delivering property level resilience Supply chain briefing: private sector Flood visualisation in a digital world
The use of existing reservoirs for flood alleviation - David Ramsbottom, Anthony Hurford, HR Wallingford Dispelling the myths surrounding coastal squeeze - Nigel Pontee, CH2M Flood risk modelling across Government and the insurance industry - Shirley Greenwood, Environment Agency Allan Rogers - BAM Nuttall Using social media for flood warning dissemination - Rod Plummer, Shoothill
Managing risk to Risca - Robin Campbell, Ove Arup and Partners Quo vadis - Cornwall and Isles of Scilly SMP mid-term review - Gregor Guthrie, Royal Haskoning DHV Recognising and delivering resilience in recovery - Stephen Hodgson, Property Care Association Flood digital, the past and the future - Deb Summerskill, Environment Agency
Partnership working: delivering resilient protection to critical infrastructure in Sandsend Road - Nick Cooper, Royal Haskoning DHV A new vision for the Severn Estuary - the multiple benefits of working with nature - Rob Shore, WWT Supporting resilience during recovery, researching the role of reinstatement professionals - Jessica Lamond, University of the West of England Sustainable flood memories, lay knowledges and the development of community resilience to future flood risk, Prof Lindsey McEwen, University of West of England
Exmouth tidal defence scheme: achieving more through partnership - Tony Leney, Environment Agency Integration to deliver innovation to the North Kent Coast - Nick Bean, Mott MacDonald Innovative visualisation for effective coastal flood incident management - Joseph Clarke, CH2M
Re-connecting people with the River Medway - Aylesford to Allington Lock Towpath creation - Pedro Braga, AECOM How can we make our flood forecasting information better used by a wider audience? Roy McIntosh, SEPA
Who is Harry and where is his hill? Working with communities to reduce flood risk - Andrew Cameron, Environment Agency
Flood recovery - lessons learned Sustainable coastal communities Tools and Support for Risk Management Authorities Managing our FCRM assets to enable growth Working with communities at risk - the research
Mobile rapid deployment pumping stations - Kyle Chandler, Chief Fire and Rescue Can we adapt to a changing coastline? - Bill Parker, Coastal Partnership East WEM Framework – Steve Nicholls, Environment Agency Retrofitting resilience: a methodolology for assessing community flood resilience - Ed Barsley, University of Cambridge Bouncing forward after the rain. An investigation into perceptions of community resilience after the 2015 winter floods in Cumbria - Kate Crinion, Ulster University
Using hydraulic modelling tools to support better flood recovery - Chris Allman, Mott MacDonald Sandscaping at Bacton, Norfolk: protecting critical infrastructure and benefitting communities - Jaap Flikweert, Royal Haskoning DHV The Infrastructure Innovation Portal (13P) - an infrastructure sector innovation network that will improve the delivery of FCRM infrastructure - Andrew Powell, Environment Agency The Thames Estuary Asset Management Programme - Matthew Kuhn, CH2M Helping South West communities to help themselves - Cathryn Marcus, Groundwork South
Croston breach emergency repair - Jonathan Farrar, Environment Agency/Steve Hamer, VBA Coastal protection as a platform for regeneration - The Colywn Bay Waterfront Project - Kevin Keating, Mott MacDonald Skills challenges and opportunities - Paul Cross, Environment Agency Developments in property resistance and resilience - Andrew Tagg, HR Wallingford Local responsibility for resilience - Tim Farr, Southwell Flood Forum
One year on – learning from the response to the 2015 flood Mark Thompson, Calderdale Council "Communities Facing Change" - managed realignment on the West of Wales Coastline - Emyr Williams, Pembrokeshire County Council One version of the truth: Environment Agency shaping and using ResilienceDirect - Kate Marks, Environment Agency New FCRM appraisal guidance for Wales - Kevin Keating, Mott MacDonald "This Is Not The Panacea" and other lessons from the production of High Water Common Ground" Andrew Clark, The Top of the Tree

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Thursday 30 March:
Global perspectives and integration

Registration and tea/coffee in the exhibition hall

John Curtin, Executive Director FCRM, Environment Agency Sarah Hendry, Director Floods and Water, Defra Bruce Keith, President CIWEM

Morning sessions
Water - managing the extremes Under pressure - responding to a flood emergency Natural flood alleviation - realising the potential Learning from international cities' approaches to flood risk Health and flooding/ Business and flooding - latest research and how to use it

Jeremy Westgarth, Environment Agency

Daniel Johns, Committee on Climate Change

Hazel Durant, Defra

Polly Hardy, Yorkshire Water

Chair is Clare Dinnis, Environment Agency

Maintaining safe patient care in the face of Storm Desmond - Stuart Hosking-Durn, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust Natural flood management - realising the potential - Duncan Huggett, Environment Agency UK SuDs and Chinese Sponge Cities: solving the problems of urban flood risk management? - Bridget Woods Ballard, HR Wallingford Flood resilience in disadvantaged areas - Paul Sayers, Sayers and Partners
Flood events: site controller's view - John Greenway, Environment Agency Assessing the integration of ecosystem services into decision making for implementing natural flood management measures in FRM schemes - Steve Maslen, JBA Consultants Climate risk to water supply infrastructure in Shanghai - Sun Yan Evans, Mott MacDonald Factors affecting psycho-social impacts of flooding - Jessia Lamond, University of the West of England
'Under Pressure' - managing the response to major incidents - Chris Regan, Environment Agency The challenges and opportunities of delivering natural flood management - Ted Thomas, Environment Agency Future proofing Dublin - South Campshires Flood Protection Scheme - Karol McCusker, AECOM Business & Flooding - the latest research and how to use it
Review of the responses to flooding in Cumbria following Storm Desmond - what can we learn from the response? - Peter May, JBA Consulting The role of the uplands in reducing downstream flood risk - Jonathan Walker, Moors for the Future Partnership Cloudburst - Lessons from Copenhagen - Luke Strickland, Ramboll Environ "Knowledges for resilience" and barriers and motivators to flood risk adaptation for small business owners in the UK - Prof Lindsey McEwen, University of the West of England
Working with natural processes to reduce flood risk and improve the environment - Lydia Burgess Gamble, Environment Agency Flood alleviation and flood water management strategies for Ibadan Metropolis, South-western Nigeria - Prof. Joseph Owolabi Ajayi, Obafemi Awolowo University Practical guidance for SMEs preparing for and responding to flooding, Tanya Wilkins/Briony Turner, University of Oxford
Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley Flood Alleviation Scheme – Local contributions to construction and maintenance through a Business Improvement District (BID), James Mead, Environment Agency
Flood risk and the fragility of businesses due to repeated flooding, Namrata Bhattacharya, University of West of England
Afternoon sessions
Ecosystem services: quantifying the wider benefits of FCRM schemes for the environment International perspectives on resilience and response Natural flood alleviation in practice What does the future hold for FCRM asset management?
FCERM scheme development - where is the value in ecosystem services assessment? - Damien Keneghan, CH2M 'Under Pressure' - responding to a flood emergency - Melissa Playle, HESCO Group Fonthill Park SuDs Scheme, Bristol - Mark Crussel, AECOM Asset deterioration - the impact of climate change - Kevin Burgess, CH2M
RESILCOAST: Strengthening Welsh coastal resilience against flooding and erosion - Emma McKinley, Cardiff University The (im)possibility of implementing temporary flood barriers in Dutch dike reinforcements - Kees Dorst, Infram BV Natural flood management - an integrated land management case study in Devon - Iain Blackwell, Jacobs UK Ltd Smart solutions for 21st Century infrastructure - Peter Slater, Costain
Ecosystems services valuation and funding in flood risk management: the River Thames Scheme - Francesca Moore, Black & Veatch Lessons learned in flood risk management in the U.S. Through multi-billion dollar events - Susan Gildon & Chad Berginnis, National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies Challenges and benefits of green infrastructure and water sensitive urban design at UK's first eco-town at NW Bicester - Renuka Gunasekara, Arcadis Consulting Innovative survey techniques for management of flood risk assets - Chris O’Dwyer, Environment Agency
Realising nature’s value in infrastructure – examples from National Grid and Yorkshire Water - Chris White, AECOM Rebuilt by design Meadowlands: improved resilience for floodplain communities - Garrett Avery, AECOM Modelling, mapping and engaging with nature based flood risk regulation for the Eden, Derwent and Kent catchments - Barry Hankin, JBA Consulting Multi-sensor survey techniques for coastal landslide monitoring and analysis at Folkestone Warren - Ian Anderson geosphere4d
RISC-KIT: Resilience-increasing strategies for coasts - Robert McCall, Deltares Multi sensor survey techniques for coastal landslide monitoring & analysis at Folkestone Warren
Nigeria paper – presenter is Prof. Joseph Owolabi Ajayi, Obafemi Awolowo University

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The programme is subject to change without notification. Please refer to the website for updates.

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Quotes from 2016

Great @floodandcoast event at Telford. Excellent opportunity to share with fellow flood industry professionals.

- Flood Control

This conference has provided a great opportunity for industry professionals to come together to be inspired, to listen, learn, discuss and plan for the future.

- Alison Baptiste, Environment Agency

Thanks for a great @floodandcoast. It’s been a lot of fun.

- Salix

It was invaluable to gather all major contractors together under one roof.

- Richard Taffs, TMS Maritime

Excellent day at the @floodandcoast exhibition today, very informative.

- Pontoon & Dock Co

I enjoyed every minute. It was informative and the networking was brilliant. I am going home buzzing.

- Mary Dhonau, Know Your Flood Campaign

Flood & Coast 2016 broadened the conversation beyond the FCRM sector to encompass the infrastructure community, which made for a much richer event.

- Fola Ogunyoye, Royal HaskoningDHV

We think Flood & Coast captured the right audience covering the entire FCRM industry.

- Anjie Stevens, Isodaq Technology

2017 Advisory Committee

Clare Dinnis

Deputy Director Strategy Delivery
Environment Agency

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Josie Bateman

Vice Chair ADEPT Flood
& Water Management Group
& Flood Manager
Northamptonshire Council

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Tim Bowen

Executive Director,
Corporate Development

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Rhiannon Clancy

FCRM Engagement Manager
Environment Agency

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Paul Cobbing

Chief Executive
National Flood Forum

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Lisa Constable

Weather Resilience &
Climate Change Strategy Manager
Network Rail

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Katharine Evans

National Flood &
Coastal Risk Manager
Environment Agency

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Ben Fletcher

Assistant Director Energy,
Environment and Transport,
Civil Contingencies
Cabinet Office

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Mark Garrett

Flood Risk Manager for
Greater Manchester,
Merseyside and Cheshire
Environment Agency

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Nick Hardiman

Senior Coastal Adviser
FCRM Directorate
Environment Agency

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Gareth Heatley

Managing Director Water, Europe

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Ben Johnstone

Area FCRM Manager for
Devon and Cornwall
Environment Agency

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Dr Chrissy Mitchell

Principal Research Scientist
Flooding & Communities
Evidence Directorate
Environment Agency

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Fola Ogunyoye

Technical Director Water Europe and
Leading Professional for
Flood Resilience
Rivers, Deltas and Coasts
Royal HaskoningDHV

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Innes Thomson

Chief Executive
Association of Drainage Authorities

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