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18-20 June 2019

Telford International Centre, UK

Barry Millar

Barry Millar

Barry Millar

Waterscan Speaking On: Day 2 (21st March) Session: Technology & innovation presentations
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Intelligent rainwater management - attenuate and re-use

Waterscan are working in partnership with consulting engineers and planners to install an intelligent attenuation and rainwater management system. Instead of traditional attenuation which captures then discharges rainwater, we offer a package which receives live weather data, only discharging sufficient water to ensure the oncoming rainfall event can be captured, This leaves the max possible volume of water captured on site, for re-use in non potable applications such as toilet flushing. This approach reduces capital cost where attenuation and rainwater harvesting were previously separate systems, but more importantly reduces the impact on the surface water/sewerage infrastructure after any rainfall event, reducing this impact significantly and shifting it to prior to a rainfall event when infrastructure can most easily accept it, rather than after when infrastructure is naturally overloaded.

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