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18-20 June 2019

Telford International Centre, UK

Brendan McAndrew

Brendan McAndrew

Brendan McAndrew

Principal Consultant, Stantec Speaking On: Day 1 (20th March) Session: Resilient infrastructure: water
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  • Building resilient water and wastewater services 


MWH is delivering several projects for UK water companies, aimed at understanding and building the resilience of water and wastewater services. This paper sets out developing practices which embrace the Ofwat concept of resiliencein the round i.e. they are not just focussed on physical infrastructure but consider the resilience of the organisation (people, systems and processes) and the resilience of the catchments and natural resources on which those services depend.


Working to understand the criticality of asset systems (the ability to maintain service in the event of a failure) and their vulnerability to a range of principal threats which includes flooding and coastal erosion but a wide range of others including asset failure; loss of power; raw water quality deterioration or pollution helps to build the organisational awareness and visibility of resilience risks which is the essential precursor to targeted action.


The paper will also outline how water companies need to build organisational capability and capacity to deliver more resilient services so that the identification of risks leads to targeted and proportionate responses which include enhanced operation, monitoring and control not just capital investment. These approaches are transferrable into any organisation which provides essential services underpinned by infrastructure.

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