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18-20 June 2019

Telford International Centre, UK

2019 Call for Speakers & Content

Flood & Coast 2019 is inviting speaker and content proposals for the conference taking place at Telford International Centre, 18-20 June 2019. Please provide details of the contribution you can offer to the conference using the relevant submission forms below.

The conference themes are aligned to the developing National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management. The themes and questions below draw on feedback received from recent engagement and will support the implementation of the Strategy. We also expect discussion around other key drivers such as the 25 Year Environment Plan and climate projections.

The deadline for receiving proposals is Friday 31st December 2018.

Selection for the programme will be made by the Advisory Committee in early 2019 and you will be contacted if your proposal is accepted.

Speakers / leads named on the proposal will be expected to attend the event and present / lead in person – substitutions will not be accepted unless agreed with the organisers in advance. If you are making a proposal on behalf of someone else, this must be made clear at submission stage. Presentations will normally be made by one presenter.

You are strongly advised to obtain permission to present from your management/project partners etc as required, in advance of making the submission.

Following feedback from Flood & Coast 2018, we are looking to create more opportunities for discussion and interaction amongst delegates.  We are therefore seeking a mix of technical/academic papers 'bite-size' industry updates, longer 'deep dive' presentations, interactive workshops and panel sessions on topics of industry interest. 

Flood & Coast is not only an opportunity to connect, share and learn, but to also challenge ourselves about what we can do differently today to be ready for tomorrow when considering the following themes and questions. 

Climate resilience

Climate change and population growth will be our challenges for the future and the latest science including UKCP18 will help us understand the scale of the challenge. We have to manage the consequences. But what needs to change?

  • What do we need to do to help society shift attitudes and behaviours to manage and adapt to flooding and coastal change?
  • How do we manage political, media and societal expectations so resources are focused where they will have the greatest impact?
  • How can we take a more integrated approach to water, flood and land use management?
  • What lessons can we learn from international approaches?
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Resilient economy

Flood risk should not be a reason to compromise growth. How can we work with those who make decisions about place, and about the infrastructure that supports the communities in places, to let growth happen in a flood resilient way?

  • How do we make sure infrastructure is resilient, ensuring the consequences of flooding do not compromise economic prosperity?
  • What do we know about the impacts of flooding on economies and places? How can we communicate this effectively to improve resilience?
  • How are we working collaboratively with businesses, infrastructure owners and operators, planners, farmers and land managers to manage flood risk and build resilience?
  • What role are we all playing in economic growth and development? What are the challenges and opportunities?  What international learning is there that we can adopt? 
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Planning and place making

We cannot stop all flooding. But we should aim to minimise the impacts through effective land use and development planning. How can we best achieve this? 

  • What are we doing to build resilience and manage flood risk and coastal change through planning and development? Are we doing enough and what could we do differently?
  • What needs to change to ensure climate change (esp FCERM) resilience is built into housing, business and infrastructure development from the start? 
  • How can decision makers focus on “place” so all catchment options are considered and multiple benefits are the norm?
  • How can we better plan, build, maintain and manage our assets to deliver multiple benefits across catchments and places?
  • How can we better align delivery across sectors in one area to create greater efficiencies?
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Valuing the natural environment

Our natural environment can help us manage flood and coastal risk and recovery. How do we make sure we value, and use the resource it provides, protect the service it offers, and enjoy the benefits it brings?

  • How do we make the most of the environment as a tool to manage flood risk and coastal change and take account of natural capital?  How do we ensure that natural capital is factored into all decisions?
  • How do we make SUDs and NFM an easier choice? 
  • Where we need hard engineering solutions, how can we ensure these enhance the natural environment and build natural capital, rather than diminish it?
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Partnership working

No one organisation can manage flooding and coastal change alone. We need to work in partnership & we have collectively improved this over the last decade. But what do we need to take this further and achieve more together?

  • How do we build better partnerships to meet future challenges of flood risk, coastal change and climate change?
  • How are partnerships changing and innovating to meet complex flood challenges and deliver multiple benefits? How do we sustain partnerships with purpose and who else do we need to draw in to make local resilience a reality?
  • What are the best funding mechanisms for FCERM solutions including asset management? What is new and innovative and how can we bring in new sources of investment?
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Working with communities

People are at the heart of flooding. It is people who live at risk of flooding and who have to rebuild their lives after unavoidable consequences. How can we best involve them in the decisions about how and the risks can be managed and they can be prepared?

  • How can we lead and support behavioral change so people and communities feel differently about their risk and take action to minimise the impact on them and others?
  • How do we make sure clear information and support is available so communities can act and work with us to manage the risk they face  
  • What are the barriers to improving the resilience of homes and business and how do we overcome them? 
  • How well are we listening to local people and what they need to improve the resilience of their communities?
  • What can we learn from others internationally about working with communities to improve local resilience and manage flood risk?
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Incident preparation, response and recovery

We can minimise the impact of flooding by planning properly and ensuring our response is as effective and efficient as possible. What action do we need to take now to improve our recovery and response capabilities for the future?

  • What are the priorities for incident response in a changing climate? How do we improve resilience by making it swifter, more effective, minimise disruption  
  • How can we work better together and with others (communities, local resilience forums, emergency services, businesses) to plan for and respond to flood risk and coastal change 
  • What are the lessons from recovery programmes? What needs to change?
  • What can we learn from the international experience of major incident response and recovery?
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Future skills

Our sector is changing. We need more diversity of thought and additional skills sets to be able to manage future risk. So how do we attract and grow this talent? How do we reach out to the flooding and coastal challenge managers of the future? 

  • How do we ensure we have the talent and skills needed to develop the FCRM sector and flood family?
  • How do we engage with “Next Generation” of industry practitioners? What can we learn from other sectors and from international approaches?
  • How diverse is the flood and coast sector and how do we make it more representative of the communities we serve?  How do we make sure we are fostering a culture that is not just diverse but inclusive? 
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Data, Innovation and Digital Transformation

The world is developing at pace and the way in which we communicate and receive information is changing. How can we make best use of that?

  • How can we be more effective in developing, managing and sharing data to allow better decision making? 
  • How can we embrace digital transformation and associated skills, culture and ways of working to improve the services provided  and to make us faster and more efficient as a sector?  
  • What is the scientific knowledge, modelling and evidence base telling us about how we need to improve our planning for climate change, growth and demographic change and other challenges facing us as a sector?
  • What aspects of our scientific evidence base, including modelling and forecasting need improving to help us plan better for the impacts of climate change, growth, demographic change and other challenges?
  • What gaps do we have in our understanding and knowledge of the impacts of flood risk and coastal change e.g. economic, social, environmental, mental health and wellbeing, and how can we harness this to improve resilience and generate investment?
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Project Delivery

Delivering flood and coastal risk management schemes on the ground relies heavily on client, consultant, contractor and community working effectively together, how can we ensure this happens? 

  • What are the key lessons learned from framework working and how can this help us improve future delivery?
  • What different skills do clients and communities needs from suppliers in the future? 
  • How should U.K. Plc deliver large infrastructure projects to deliver efficiency and minimise disruption?
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