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18-20 June 2019

Telford International Centre, UK

Laura Kitson

Laura  Kitson

Laura Kitson

Environment Agency Speaking On: Day 2 (21st March)
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Delivering flood risk betterment through the planning system

The Anglian Central RFCC has appointed a Strategic Flood Risk Planning Officer Post to work with LLFAs in the area to enhance their approach to bettering flood risk through the local planning system. An example of such betterment includes identification and securing, during the planning process, of a flood storage area as part of a new development upstream of an existing community at risk from flooding. This is a pilot project to see what opportunities a dedicated resource for this type of work can deliver. The presentation would focus on:

- Need and basis for the role

- How cross authority agreement was gained and funding secured

- What partners are involved, and what they're wanting to get out of it

- How the role works with LLFAs to identify opportunities for flood betterment through the planning process

- Feedback from the early stages - how is the pilot working out

The post is entirely paid for using Local Levy funding (100,000 over an initial 2 years). LLFAs in the region joined together to scope, bid for and appoint the role. The role is hosted by the Environment Agency but works flexibly across the region with 7 different local authorities. By working across political boundaries, the post helps identify synergies between partners and implement efficiencies and secure economies of scale in delivery of Polices, for example through sites and/or communities that are located within several Council areas that offer consistent betterment across neighbouring Councils.It also provides advice on the development of strategic planning documents such as Local Plans (e.g. working with LLFAs and the LPA at the site allocation stage to ensure all sources of flooding are considered and appropriate policies identified), as well as on more community specific documents such as Neighbourhood Plans to address specific issues with the existing urban drainage through new development The post also helps LLFAs and LPAs to seek flood risk betterment for at-risk-communities through better use of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 (S106) processes, enabling alternate/new sources of funding to be utilised for FRM.


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