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8-10 December 2020

Telford International Centre, UK

8-10 December 2020

Telford International Centre, UK

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Presentation themes 2020

Presentation themes: Flood & Coast 2020 

Theme 1. A nation ready for climate change

Climate change is happening here and now.  Do we all understand the radical changes that are needed and the challenges this climate emergency will bring? What is the scale of the climate leadership that is required? 

What are our Climate preparation, adaptation, response and recovery plans? How do we adapt to reach Net Zero without making the problem worse? What nature-based solutions exist to achieve both resilience and adaptation? What energy transitions in FCERM exist? What is the economic case for tackling the climate emergency and what green finance initiatives can help with this challenge?  What are the best funding and financial mechanisms for FCERM solutions? What is new and innovative and how can we bring in new sources of investment? What are we doing internationally in this space? What can we learn from international approaches?


Theme 2. Delivering together

We cannot work alone or in isolation when managing the effects of climate change on flood and coastal erosion. We cannot make our infrastructure resilient and deliver projects and schemes without the involvement of those that benefit or are impacted. We need to continue to develop our relationships and partnerships because we can make efficiencies and achieve more together. We need to harness the power of the collective and encourage all sectors of society to take ‘action’ and hold each other to account.

What inspirational FCERM and climate change partnerships have been developed and sustained? How are these partnerships and the approach to engagement changing and innovating? What can we learn from our approaches to working with the financial and insurance sectors? How do partnerships with infrastructure providers work? How can communities improve their resilience through partnership working? 


Theme 3. Future skills, knowledge and tools  

What is our research, scientific knowledge and evidence base telling us about how we learn from this? How do we ready ourselves for the increased impacts (both to human’s e.g. mental health, and our environment) of climate change? What are the gaps in our understanding and knowledge? What can we learn from international research?

We need more people with the right skills to help manage the threats of climate change, this is an international problem. How can we all reach out to attract and grow the next generation of young talent? How can we make our sector more representative of the communities we serve?  How do we create a diverse and inclusive industry? The way we communicate, use and receive information is constantly changing. How can we embrace social media, digital transformation and make our industry more responsive and efficient?


Theme 4. Creating green and sustainable places

Our natural environment can help us manage the impacts of climate change. How do we make the most of nature-based solutions? How do we promote and take account of natural capital? How can we ensure our resilience measures enhance the natural environment? How does holistic water management fit in in times of flood and drought? 

We cannot reduce the impacts of flooding, coastal erosion or climate change, but we can minimise the impacts through effective land use and development planning. How do we better champion place-based resilience and adaptation? How can we best achieve clean growth?  What are we doing to build in resilience and adaptation measures to homes, businesses, schemes and communities more widely? How do we achieve great resilience in the face of the housing growth pressures? How can we deliver multiple benefits through growth?

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